2019 review & 2020 plans

Happy Holidays to all! As we do every year, I’d like to take some time to look back on Träumendes Mädchen’s activities. If 2017 had been a living hell and 2018 an unexpected rebirth, what did 2019 have in store for us? The answer will surprise you…

NewYear 2019 en

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[Spotlight] Prince Griselde (B2 route)

As I mentioned last timeChronotopia: Second Skin is divided in several routes, each corresponding to a different strategy to escape the castle. What I didn’t say is that, even though she won’t be able to romance all of them, Kionna will encounter several princes depending on which route you’re reading. So I figured it would be nice to be a little more familiar with those dreamboats~

Minor spoilers ahead: the setting and characters of the route are revealed.  

Griselde presentation-small

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[Spotlight] Romance & Love scenes

It’s a question I often get so let’s address everyone’s favourite topic: romance!

As a writer, I tend to include it as a secondary element that completes the plot; it’s rarely my focus. Thus at first I was a little hesitant to use common visual novel labels for Chronotopia as the whole genre relies heavily on the exploration of romantic relationships. But in the end it’s still an integral part of the story as Kionna will indeed be able to pursue in a fairly traditional way three different love interests: her childhood friend Nahima (GirlxGirl), the mysterious Fairy (GirlxGirl) and the « true Prince »  whose identity has not been revealed (GirlxBoy).

I can't say much about the true Prince but rest assured he's a complete cinnamon roll~

I can’t say much about the true Prince but rest assured he’s a complete cinnamon roll~

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