Milk Episode 1 Release !

EP1After almost one year of production, the team and myself are glad to be able to show you the fruit of our labors. Here goes the first episode of Milk, available both in English and French on our download page.

cg bus

An in-game CG, drawn by Morsy

Episodic cutting

Since the entire game is really too big and too ambitious (500 000 words written in total), we decided to release it as several chapters/episodes until the common route is fully revealed, then the heroines’ routes in a certain order, if everything goes well. Each chapter/episode will contain the last, so you won’t have to download a dozen of files everytime. We’ll take advantage of this to improve the game gradually.

The amount of work demanded as well as the final size of the product are making us seriously consider the possibility of going commercial with Milk. Being yet unsure of our capabilities, we’re producing content while watching how the team is doing before making our mind.

Anyways, we’ll try to release a chapter/episode every six months starting from now. I hope you’ll enjoy this first episode and that you’ll wait for the next ^_^

Taro shojo

An in-game chib, still drawn by Morsy

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