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      • [Spotlight] Game structure & Fleur the farmer (B1 route)
        By now I have introduced most important characters in Chronotopia: Second Skin so let’s talk about a less obvious subject: game structure. For plot reasons, Chronotopia actually has quite a weird structure: it consists in a rather long introduction, a common route if you … Continue reading →
      • [Spotlight] Romance & Love scenes
        It’s a question I often get so let’s address everyone’s favourite topic: romance! As a writer, I tend to include it as a secondary element that completes the plot; it’s rarely my focus. Thus at first I was a little … Continue reading →
      • [Spotlight] The King & the magical dresses
        Now that all of Chronotopia‘s main characters are introduced, I’d like to talk a bit about the king but, more importantly, about the three dresses from the fairytale! The king is not a character I’m fond of, as you might have … Continue reading →