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      • [Spotlight] Nahima
        By now, you should be more familiar with Nahima, who is Kionna’s trusted companion in Chronotopia: Second Skin and is featured quite a lot in the demo. Minor spoilers ahead: the theme of Nahima’s route is revealed. If you’ve read the original … Continue reading →
      • [Spotlight] Princess Kionna
        In the previous article I talked about fairytales, now it’s high time to introduce the main heroine: Princess Kionna. Naturally she’s the first character I came up with while drafting Chronotopia: Second Skin. But really it’s more of a tandem with her mother … Continue reading →
      • [Spotlight] Donkeyskin & forgotten fairytales
        Welcome to the world of fairytales! Wanna know what Chronotopia: Second Skin is about? This series of posts is for you! Throughout the following months I’m going to spotlight various elements of interest, be it characters, locations or lore, to give … Continue reading →