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      • 2018 review & 2019 plans
        Happy Holidays everyone! In order to properly bring a close to the year, here’s the traditional look back on Träumendes Mädchen’s activities. After a more than stormy period in 2017, was 2018 more merciful? Find out right away! 2018, a … Continue reading →
      • Visual Novel are dead, long live Visual Novel!
        I recently came across an article that claimed that English visual novel had reached a peak since mid 2017 and were now entering a new era, thanks to increasing popularity and developers eager to push the boundaries of the medium. … Continue reading →
      • Chronotopia: Second Skin – Back on Kickstarter!
        We haven’t really posted that much for the previous couple of months, have we? To be fair, we were quite busy with Chronotopia’s development. We’ve made plenty of progress and are getting closer to the finish line but then we … Continue reading →