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      • Announcement: Khzi and the Cursed Stone
        I stayed silent since the last article and I’m sorry for that. It has to be said that Chronotopia got funded on Kickstarter shortly before the deadline and the team really needed some rest after so many emotions! And let’s … Continue reading →
      • The creation of Chronotopia: making the sprites
        (We’re funded at 75% and Chronotopia has been greenlit! There’s only 3 days to raise funds and make this project a reality so it’s now or never to support us!) After PyriteKite/Kat, it’s Anako's turn to talk about her work. … Continue reading →
      • The creation of Chronotopia: background art
        (We're 60% funded! That's one step closer to our dream but there’s still a long way to go so keep on supporting us on Kickstarter and Greenlight!) After writing two articles on Chronotopia's story (namely the concept and the characters), I'm making way … Continue reading →