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      • Looking for proofreaders!
        Once again, time is passing by too quickly! Luckily, we're not stagnating for all that: Chronotopia's demo is in fact available for patrons pledging 10$ per month since a little more than a week. There are still 2 illustrations missings, … Continue reading →
      • The end of the tunnel?!?
        Truly, things happen to me all the time! Back from Japan Expo, my laptop suddenly failed me, which puts me in a difficult position to finish Chronotopia's demo (here's a summary of everything we have so far) and launch the Kickstarter … Continue reading →
      • The introduction of the Princess (Donkeyskin)
        After quite the unbearable wait, I’m finally able to introduce Chronotopia’s heroine: Kionna, alias Donkeyskin. In the original, she was already a victim worthy of a Greek tragedy and we accentuated that aspect for our rewriting of the tale. And, … Continue reading →