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      • Post-mortem of Ambre’s Steam Edition
        I hope you had a good holiday! As for me, I must say I haven’t really had the chance to rest. But I wanted to go back over the big odyssey that was my recent experience with Steam. I unfortunately … Continue reading →
      • Princes and princesses
        Yes, the team is still alive. Here is the proof with some news! Ambre got greenlit and everything is ready for the Steam release (including achievements). Unfortunately, Valve is taking a long time to approve it so the game has … Continue reading →
      • Ambre comes to Greenlight (and Chronotopia’s progress continue)!
        Once again, time goes by all too quickly! So here are some news of what’s the team is doing. A new version of Ambre on Greenlight To begin with, we were able to do what we really wanted, namely a … Continue reading →