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      • Kickstarter launch date and Basiscape partnership!
        The tension is going up a notch: Chronotopia’s demo is finally almost ready! Since the Patreon version, we’ve listened to the various feedbacks from or testers and changed the game accordingly while adding the last elements necessary (as well as fixing … Continue reading →
      • Looking for proofreaders!
        Once again, time is passing by too quickly! Luckily, we're not stagnating for all that: Chronotopia's demo is in fact available for patrons pledging 10$ per month since a little more than a week. There are still 2 illustrations missings, … Continue reading →
      • The end of the tunnel?!?
        Truly, things happen to me all the time! Back from Japan Expo, my laptop suddenly failed me, which puts me in a difficult position to finish Chronotopia's demo (here's a summary of everything we have so far) and launch the Kickstarter … Continue reading →