A dark and mature rewriting of a forgotten fairytale with many twists: will you save the princess or doom her?


The young Donkeyskin lives a peaceful existence in her castle, enjoying her days until her father, gone mad since the death of his beloved, decides he should wed his daughter instead. The princess has to find a way to escape from this fate, but how? She doesn’t know it yet, but it’s the beginning of a long nightmare that will take her to the edge of madness…


There is something special about Chronotopia that sets it apart from the rest – Nice Job Breaking It, Hero





The young princess of the Donkeyskin’s tale. She’s innocent and smart but also quite haughty, due to her education. Being dependent on Nahima, she’s utterly lost when she suddenly has to find a way out of the castle by herself.



Kionna’s best friend and confident, she’s always there to take care of her. But she finds herself powerless to help the one she loves the most. Slowly but surely, she can feel the girl drifting apart from her…


The Fairy

Rumored to be Kionna’s Godmother, the Fairy is quite the mystery. She agrees to help the young girl at a condition: to be able to receive her powers, the princess has to pay a price -the Fairies’ tribute. Will she be willing to trust such an unnatural being?



A mysterious girl you met in Purgatory. Her duty is to guide wavering Shadows in the collection of the memories of their past life. With this goal in mind, she uses her powers to take them to lost worlds – the uchronia. What could she have planned for you?



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