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story-en211X, around 30 year after the sudden decline of Earth, technological progress allowed mankind to spread across the universe to meet civilizations until then unknown. In that era of discoveries, the Guild of Time Travellers was created to regulate time and space travels.

Khzi is an albino mercenary working for this sprawling organization but she’s disliked by her superiors for her bad attitude. They decide to give her an especially difficult assignment in order to test her. The young woman has to bring them a sample of a dangerous meteorite while supervising mercenaries who are suspected of treason. And, of course, nothing is working out as planned…



khzi-chara name-khzi1 Hired to supervise the mission, Khzi has a very bad reputation in the eyes of her superiors. She’s indeed blessed with a legendary talent for getting on people’s nerves, a talent she rarely hesitates to use. Impredictable, she multiplies blunders, strokes of luck and half-baked plans to the extent that nobody knows if she’s pretending to be dumb or if she really is.
freyja-chara name-freyjaSupposed to assist Khzi in her mission, Freyja is an experimented saturnian. She lived through war, where she lost an arm and gained many scars, has been working as a mercenary for a long time and generally takes her job very seriously. Unfortunately, this veteran can’t stand inconsistency and she has a bad tendency to smoke like a chimney every time she’s a little too nervous. Will she be able to put up with the unreliable Khzi?
tio-chara name-tio Rescued by the mercenaries during their journey, Ti’o is a young earthling who has been reduced to slavery. Frail, sickly, he’s constantly abused by his master and doesn’t have much hope to obtain a better life one day. That is when he encounters Khzi and her group. This providential meeting will changer his fate and drag him in a conflict that is beyond him…
signan-chara name-signan Despite his imposing look and his barbarian origins, Signan is actually a gentle and courteous mercenary who loves to improve his knowledge. Stuck between the extreme personalities of his comrades, he tries to calm things down somehow but his patience is sorely tested.
couic-chara name-couic Small green alien with a rather unpleasant look and a bad attitude, Couic is a cowardly and opportunistic mercenary. With him, any excuse is good to complain and he doesn’t hesitate to contest the orders he’s given if he doesn’t like them. Suffice to say that his mere presence can sometimes be enough to ruin the group’s moral!



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