Milk Episode 5 Release!

EP5Roundly six months after the release of Episode 4, we’re back with the next part of Milk~La légende des étoiles. I have to say I’m pleased by the fact that we managed to be ponctual (two episodes per year). After all, we don’t want you to wait too much ;). As usual, the download link is available on the game’s page and the new version includes, of course, plenty of improvements !

It’s the end of Khzi’s journey. The albino and her companions have to defeat the High Priest once and for all, but an ominous feeling is telling them that things won’t end as nicely as they want.

Combat finalAs the synopsis is giving away, this Episode will be the end of Khzi’s adventures. If you’ve stopped at some point, it’s the perfect moment to start up reading again (plus you’re served right with that amount of reading)! Anyway, enjoy the story, because Episode 6 won’t be available before a while.

Indeed, the team is now going to take a new form and it’s necessarily going to have consequences on Milk developement. More details to come in the big announcement I’m planning on the subject. I’m counting on you to read it when it’ll be available because it’s something important to me.

Milk Episode 4 Release !

EP4A little more than six months after the dematerialized release of Episode 4, we’re back with the new part of Khzi’s adventures, our favourite nutty alien!

Well, once again, the production has been rather chaotic. I think we can definitively assert that the previous time was an exception and that I’m utterly unable to draw up a believable deadline… There were some changes in the team too with the departure of Jeungo and the arrival of  Kinect who’s proving to be quite efficient ! It remains that the waiting time between each release is slowly decreasing (from one year to six months), which is good news for the most hungry readers ;).

CG styx

A wonderful in-game illustration by @Orties

Khzi and her team hold a series of half-baked plans in order to outwit the priests on their heels. The mercenaries don’t know that the worst is yet to come: a storm is brewing…

Milk ~La légende des étoiles Episode 4 (the link is on the page, as usual) includes many small alterations on sound, illustrations and text, all in hope of making the reading more interesting. I hope it’ll pay. It should also be noted that Episode 5 will be the last part of Khzi’s adventures.

We’re once again open to all feedbacks, negative and positive alike, as long as you help us improving! I invite you to keep following us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to see the progress we’re making on our différent projects. Next goal: Ludum Dare ~

Milk Episode 3 Release !

EP3Six months after the previous one, here’s the newest part of the story. With 100% more alien madness !

If the first two Episodes were finished in a rather chaotic fashion, this one went surprisingly well : artists were all available (which is rare), Orties was as fast as a human being can possibly be (her secret is tea, so it seems) making many assets in a go, and the French version was ready for the convention we attended this summer. So, apart for some remaining bugs and some work on the English translation, there wasn’t much to do after. Also, this Episode is a little bit on the short side because I have to save energy for the big scenes happening in Episode 4, but I can’t say more!

cg grillage

A CG drawn by Orties

In this Episode, Khzi’s mission gets complicated as the High Priest heading the church wants her companions dead or alive! Will she be able to retrieve the meteorite’s fragments while protecting the slave she took in on the way? You’ll find out soon ;).

For the moment, enjoy Milk ~La légende des étoiles. We’ve decided to put the game on Gumroad as well, because it allows us to make updates. So, every time an Episode comes out (every six months, as planned), you’ll receive an email. Pretty cool, hun ?


Khzi being awesome. Or crazy, it’s the same ! (by @Melow)

You can still follow our updates regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Like the game ? Hate it ? Give us your feedback, it will be much appreciated =). And stay tuned because we have something reaaaaaaally cool to tell you later this week !

Milk Episode 2 Release !

EP2About one year ago, we released Milk’s first episode in a quite chaotic background, promising to take care of the rest quickly. My naivety had stricken again, proving I’m way too optimistic when calculating deadlines =’). Similar to Episode 1 production, Episode 2 production met unexpected events, leading to the latency we know : post-Nanoreno break, recruitment needs, troubling holidays period, changes in everyone’s schedules, recruitment needs again…


I’m never aksing for an elephant again, I swear…

In spite of that, our tenacity has paid since we’re seeing the end of the tunnel ! Episode 2 is finished and include the next part of the story as well as some new features :

  • minor story alterations
  • NENEA’s sprite redesign
  • a better-looking GUI
  • a chapter select menu to make browsing easier
  • some animated backgrounds

The idea had always been to keep getting better and better with each release so we took advantage of that extra time to correct some flaws that were adressed. You can keep report them to us, so that we can take them into account for next episode !

chartre graphique ep2

Cowgirls, now aliens, what could be next ?

Anyway, we hope you’ll enjoy Khzi’s adventures : they’ll be at the center of the story for a while. The good news is : with the slow progress of Episode 2, Episode 3 is actually half done, so we’re hoping the release date will be soon. I’m planning it for this summer since we had some interesting constraints which I will explain in no time ~

By the way, besides a new part of the story, we’re already planning Episode 3 to include :

  • a way to reduce contrasts between old and new sprites
  • possibly a new textbox
  • a better translation, which sadly we didn’t have the time to do

Our faces after passing each deadline

For the moment, enjoy the read. To download the game, as usual, go to our download page. After getting the game, you’ll have to click on Start to select a chapter and that’s all =).
You can still follow our updates regularly on Facebook, Twitter and now Tumblr ! Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Milk Episode 1 Release !

EP1After almost one year of production, the team and myself are glad to be able to show you the fruit of our labors. Here goes the first episode of Milk, available both in English and French on our download page.

cg bus

An in-game CG, drawn by Morsy

Episodic cutting

Since the entire game is really too big and too ambitious (500 000 words written in total), we decided to release it as several chapters/episodes until the common route is fully revealed, then the heroines’ routes in a certain order, if everything goes well. Each chapter/episode will contain the last, so you won’t have to download a dozen of files everytime. We’ll take advantage of this to improve the game gradually.

The amount of work demanded as well as the final size of the product are making us seriously consider the possibility of going commercial with Milk. Being yet unsure of our capabilities, we’re producing content while watching how the team is doing before making our mind.

Anyways, we’ll try to release a chapter/episode every six months starting from now. I hope you’ll enjoy this first episode and that you’ll wait for the next ^_^

Taro shojo

An in-game chib, still drawn by Morsy

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we’ll be telling the release date of Episode 2 as soon as possible ;). And don’t hesitate to send us some fanarts, we’d be delighted and we’ll gladly post them !

Being Beauteous English and German Version Released !

It’s been nearly a month since we release Being Beateous now. At first, it was just a little project we made mostly during the VN contest organized by No-Xice for the Epitanime event (so, yeah, it took less than a week to do this game), but we felt it would be great to seek foreigners’ advices too. After all, Roganis (the composer) and myself (the writer) were following the Lemmasoft community (possibly the biggest forum about visual novel) for quite a long time now, so it feel almost natural to post there to see if people would be interested in our work despite the fact it was written in french. I was pleasantly surprise to see there were some encouraging comments and, luckily, we found translators willing to help us. So, we’re very happy to release an english version for our visual novel. I hope English folks will enjoy Being Beauteous as much as we had fun creating it !


Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there was a young woman, bullied by her evil step-mother and her step-sisters. It is said that her Fairy Godmother helped her to marry a prince and that they lived rich, happily ever after and had lot of children. Or maybe it was a lie and the story didn’t go as you would have expected…

EDIT 19/07/2012 : Thanks to Marcel Weyers, we also have a German translation now !

EDIT 16/08/2012 : The remaining typos have been corrected. We took that opportunity to release a “multilingual” version that includes both the original text and its various translations.

EDIT 20/02/2013 : File now hosted directly on the Devblog

New link to download the game (Français / English / Deutsch)

Link to listen to the game’s OST

Credits :

Writing/Project leader

Helia : Twitter / Blog


Morsy : Twitter / Deviant Art


Roganis : Twitter / Soundcloud


Keul : Twitter / Blog


Faf : Twitter