Looking for proofreaders!

Once again, time is passing by too quickly! Luckily, we’re not stagnating for all that: Chronotopia‘s demo is in fact available for patrons pledging 10$ per month since a little more than a week. There are still 2 illustrations missings, as well as the 3D camera and the last element of gameplay, to be able to publicly release the definitive version but the game is still playable from start to finish. So, if you’re motivated and ready to help us, don’t hesitate to send a mail to be able to test Chronotopia and report to us both gramatical mistakes and bugs!



If we don’t have a date for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign yet (it won’t be long), we’ve still made a Prefundia page for the project. There are still things to add, which we’re doing as we go along, but we incite you to take a look and give us feedbacks. Nothing would be possible without you after all, so we want to be sure we’re going to please you ;).

Milk Remake5

In the meantime, I was finally able to get my laptop back and I do intend to take advantage of it to work a bit on Milk’s Remake since Laniessa has finished Khzi’s new sprite! I will show it to you if you’re good~

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