The King’s introduction

KS chara mini (King2)Let’s not lose our new habits and keep on doing Chronotopia’s introductions! For a change, I’ve decided to focus on a male character: the old king. He’s sadly an eerie figure from which the heroine is trying to escape (and that’s understandable).

If everything goes according to plan, I should be able to show you our version of Donkeyskin next time. Just as with the fairy, we wanted to put our personal touch on the tale so I can’t wait to introduce her!

KS chara (King)I will talk about the completion of the demo in more details in the next newsletter (I’d advise you to subscribe if it isn’t already the case~) but I can already say that we’re making good progress.

So I’m thinking I could make a more detailed post about one of the elements of Chronotopia’s production in particular. Is there something you find intriguing and wish to see on the devblog? Is it about music, programming, writing? Or rather about a specific type of art (sprites, background, UI, illustrations)?

Do let me now and I’ll try to do something =).

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