Nanoreno project release : Ambre !

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After a month of hard work, here is our entry for the Nanoreno 2013 : Ambre. It was our first time doing that kind of thing and we were super excited to try, so we hope that you’ll like the result. Since we had a time restriction, the visual novel will not take more than an hour to read

The story is gonna be really awkward to read in the beginning but please, bear with me until the end, it’s not what you think, I swear *running away* Oh, well, I kinda like to mislead people, won’t be the last time o/

You will find a link for the win/linux/osx version on our download page.


Credits :

Writing / Project Leader : Helia

Art : Melow, Morsy,

Music : Kimino

Programming : Keul

Editing : Orfaen

English Translators : Kono, Neicha

3 commentaires sur “Nanoreno project release : Ambre !

    the first couple of minutes is kinda misleadin’, but when i finally got a grip of the story then everything become clear….It’s a great experience to read your VN, it even inspire me to make one too..

    • Thank you, that’s a great compliment :x.

      I plead guilty for the way I made the story looks, I didn’t want to ruin the twist. But yeah, I hope it was worth it.

      I feel flattered to be able to inspire other to make their own visual novel. I wish you good luck if you’re gonna try it, because it’s a long adventure =’).

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