What about the future of Milk ?

After the first episode of Milk, some of you may have asked themselves : what is she trying to say, does the story have sense, had she taken drugs (answer : no, it’s my natural state, thank you) ?

Answers won’t come straightaway, because it wouldn’t be as funny. As you have to eat some teenage slice of lifebefore the epic mecha mart in Muv-Luv, you have to begin on Earth before travelling to the stars (yes, the title has a meaning).

One of the new tracks from Milk’s OST, composed by Roganis

During episode 1, Tarô Caligula met the cows that the mysterious deity divinity placed on his way and he had to deal with their personalities until a UFO crashed in his garden.It wasn’t just a gag to end the episode with something abrupt but a major shift in the story. Because now, here come the new (real ?) main character : Khzi, the alien ! As I said in the game summary (rewritten since then, you can read the new version), she will help Tarô discovering who are the heirs of the past between the cows, thanks to a few clues. Well, if she agree to.



Khzi is an albino woman with long white hair and red eyes who works as a mercenary for the Interstellar Travellers’ Society. She claims she came on Earth because of the breakdown of her starship but with her mischievous and unpredictable personality, who knows… And why does she seems to know Tarô and the others so well ?

Starting from here, Milk will narrate Khzi’s adventures in space to complete a mysterious task the Society gave her. She have to travel on a planet made up of islands with Eastern characteristics but she won’t go alone ! To help her, there are three others mercenaries. Including Freyja.



Freyja is a saturnian, a woman with blue skin and dark hair. She has been a mercenary for quite a long time, so that she has multiple scars and lost one of her arms in a war (she has a bionic one now). Always serious, she tends to smoke when she’s nervous and can’t stand Khzi’s unpredictability at all. Will she be able to deal with it ?

And then, along the way, Khzi’s group comes across Aluwo, an Earthling that has been enslaved. He’s frail, almost like a girl, and constantly abused by his master, but meeting Khzi will change his fate…



So, that what will be the next episodes of Milk. No more good old harem ? Or maybe not. To understand the link between Khzi and Tarô, you’ll have to wait a while.


Work in progress of the temple

Meanwhile, here are some pictures. The characters’s concept art are from  Laniessa, who’s very talented, colorization is from Koko-chan and the backgrounds are from Elairin, our new members. I hope you’ll like their work ;).

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