Blood in the garden of Eden

2018 is already well under way after all, so it’s the perfect opportunity to give you some news!

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After Ambre last summer, it’s Garden of Oblivion’s turn to be available on Steam. Still free, the game has been improved overall upon this new release.

It notably includes:

  • * Additional text to flesh out some parts of the story,
  • * A brand new GUI,
  • * Lots of little adjustments (cleaner transitions, some camera effect and an illustration for the mirror scene)

Starting from today, a German translation has been added too! Thanks to Marcel Weyers for his contribution~

pythonw 2017-10-27 16-54-07-13

The Steam Edition of Garden of Oblivion was delayed for a long time (I wanted it to be out last Halloween) because of a lack of time and money but, in the end, the experience we had with Ambre paid off since the process was generally way quicker. No bonus booklet this time but the soundtrack is still here for those of you who are interested. There is only Wounded by Words remaining for the trilogy to be complete! Since the GUI is the same, a big chunk of the work is already done but I don’t think I’ll do the rest just yet. My priority is still Chronotopia after all!

pythonw 2018-03-17 19-32-29-41

Speaking of Chronotopia, here’s a recap of our current progress. As you can see, writing represent a huge amount of work. All in all, I have written not less than 174 000 words and I still have to take care of the last endings. Let’s just say it’s going to be difficult not to exceed 200 000 words… Regarding the scripting and translation, Meles and I just finished the C1 route so we still got a lot of text in front of us. As for the artists, they should finish the assets for the D route soon so they will be able to move on to the endings. Suffice to say we’re getting closer to our goal but we’re not there yet!


More details to come in in the project’s next Kickstarter update, as usual~ Oh, and I remind you that my monthly poll is open until Monday. For 1$ a month, you can vote and unlock the Patreon post of your choice!

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