Nahima’s introduction (and progress on the demo)

KS chara mini (Nahima2)How time flies! Before getting down to business, here’s a quick review of the state of completion of Chronotopia’s demo:

  • As I’ve said on the team monthly newsletter and on my weekly report available on Patreon, PyriteKite has finished all of the backgrounds and she’s now giving us a hand by proofreading the translation which is 70% done, with 65% edited (and soon integrated into the game). Music-wise, Butterfly Tea has finished all of his tracks and is now tackling the extra ones.
  • Melow is getting to 50% of her CGs and Anako is about to complete all the sprites of the main characters, except for the princess who’s going to take more time since she has many outfits.

KS chara (Nahima2)That’s not bad, enough in any case to start officially introducing the characters! Today: Nahima. I’m currently hesitating between two types of presentation: one with a small picture and few lines of text below, and one with a big picture and the text directly in it. Do you have any preference?

In the meantime, the English website is down for maintenance and it will be the French website turn shortly after. We’re preparing a brand new version for you :3.

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