The introduction of the Princess (Donkeyskin)

KS chara mini (Kionna)After quite the unbearable wait, I’m finally able to introduce Chronotopia’s heroine: Kionna, alias Donkeyskin. In the original, she was already a victim worthy of a Greek tragedy and we accentuated that aspect for our rewriting of the tale. And, as with the fairy, we wanted to disrupt the traditional codes and chose to make a princess of color, which is still surprisingly rare.

Since she’s a noblewoman, she will obviously have many different outfits, all just as flamboyant. I will show them once they’re all done, same with the skin of the donkey. In the meantime, you can always admire her simplest dress, as well as her night gown.

KS chara (Kionna)Those who received our latest newsletter already know it but we’re getting dangerously close to finishing the demo, and so of the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. Given our progress, I’d say that the demo should be made available in early access on my Patreon sometime this month. Consequently the date of the official launch should be decided in the following days! Our stress level could not be higher and we’re counting on your support ;).

Other than that, I restate what I offered last time: Is there something you find intriguing and wish to see on the devblog? Is it about music, programming, writing? Or rather about a specific type of art (sprites, background, UI, illustrations)?

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