And the winner is…

So, last time we started our giveaway. Now it’s time to see who our lucky winners are!

Congratulations to our sharing contest winner, Nickolas Perea,and our fanart contest winner, KinectikLover. We’ll send you an email as soon as possible to handle the shipping (I’ll need your address after all XD). A big thank you to everyone that entered, it really made us happy!


Ambre and Mika – By KinectikLover

Since it was the first time we were organizing a giveaway, we made some mistakes along the way.

I don’t know what wasn’t clear in the rules but some people definitively didn’t understand them: when I was moderating the entries, I had to remove some of them because they weren’t true. Either people didn’t realize I could check and took advantage to cheat, either they misunderstood the rules and thought my personnal profile counted (it was written that you needed to follow the team, not me >_<!). I tried not to be too strict but I still had to do the cleaning.

As for the deadline, I think a month was definitely too long for a sharing contest. One or two weeks should be more than enough. I don’t know about the fanart contest though. Are three weeks too much? Please, do share your impressions so that we can improve! Should we do more giveaway, for example? Would you be interested? We’re all ears!

Except than that, we’re working on Milk Episode 4. If you want to see how we’re doing, you can glance at our Trello page (ideal for some sneak peek but beware of spoilers!) or follow us on social networks: we have interesting things that we’re gonna show!

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  1. A week~2 would definitely be enough,and I also think that rather than making everyone create posts about it,maybe you should do little giveaways just for your followers(= only 1 entry for each person,for writing your email or any way to contact),and not anyone who stumbled upon a post and said yay~ free stuff! I understand that you want more exposure though..

    I’m not sure about art,maybe you should run them as different contests at different times?_? I can’t really draw well,so I don’t know if a month is too little or too much..

    And while I’d love more giveaways,making them takes time(and money!) that you can use for doing other stuff.. or just relaxing,it’s important too!

    • You bring up very good points. This time I used Rafflecopter to make the giveaway so that the entries could be broad (from Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook) but it had its negative impacts (some people trying to cheat). I might try to make a giveaway for each social networks individually, to have a better grasp of who’s entering. But it could only be small contests =x.

      While I perfectly understand your argument (and it’s true that I wanted to reward the fans above all else), I’m a bit concerned by the way it’ll be perceived. I don’t want to create a gap between « true » fans and « fake » fans, I want everyone to feel welcome. And I don’t think people who don’t know us would be interested by our goodies anyway X’). So I don’t know what would be the best way… Guess I still have to think about it ^^.

      « only 1 entry for each person, for writing your email or any way to contact » = Since I don’t have that much time, it wouldn’t be very kind to ask people to send me emails, because I wouldn’t be able to reply =/.

      I completely forgot to write about that but you’re right: making two different thing at the same time is confusing, I should make fanart contests separately >_<. Don’t worry, I knew I could afford shipping, I wouldn’t have made the giveaway otherwise! I don’t mind spending my pocket money from time to time if I could make someone happy :3. But yeah, it definitively take time and energy and I don’t have that much, so I won’t make contests all the time ^^’. I may be too hardworking sometimes, I should learn to relax, ahah. Thanks for your concern ;).

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