Träumendes Mädchen is an indie development studio based in Brest, Brittany. Our goal is mainly to tell stories: We like them to be unusual, in all sort of genres, and we like to tell them in unusual ways. Despite the German name, we’re actually French.

Choosing Visual Novel
Our favourite storytelling tool is Visual Novel, an emergent medium full of possibilities. Some are closer to a book (focusing more on the text, like kinetic novels which are completely linear), some closer to a game, but you could globally say that visual novel is the combination of text, graphics and music to create an engaging narrative experience.

Early Works
Formed in 2012, the team was originally composed of young volunteer student who simply wanted to have fun and promote visual novel in France. In this form, we published no less than a dozen of releases, including 5 games created upon different game jam, as well as the bases of a big episodic saga. All of them are available for free here (see the Early Works section to access the different pages). It should be noted that we’re attached to multimedia: most of our games are also released on Mobile.

After years of experimentation as hobbyists, the team is underwent a facelift and set itself new challenges. Formalized as a Sole proprietorship with limited liability company at the end of 2015, the Träumendes Mädchen is now tackling the development of more ambitious commercial visual novel, the first one being Chronotopia.

We’re always interested in increasing our database and working with new collaborators, even if we’re not looking for someone at the moment. If you want to be a part of the team, you can just send us an email that includes your motivations, skills (drawing, composing, coding, translating, proofreading, other) and a link to your online portfolio/webpage if you have one. If your submission catch our eyes, we’re likely to call on your services some day soon!

We’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can but, being a small indie team, it might take some time so please, be patient!