Wounded by Words is the tale of six people who are trapped in the ruins of a shopping center after a terrorist attack. All they can do is wait for the rescue team to come. As the individuals are growing more and more desperate over time, you’ll be able to grow closer to them and discover their stories.



AgatheAgathe Agathe, 28, retired army officer. She’s the heroine of the story and has trouble staying calm underground. Has many skeletons in her closet and would rather not think about it. AlineAline Aline, retired 73 years old and still kicking. Despite her age, she’s bubbly, dynamic and like to get straight to the point. GabrielGabriel Gabriel, 19, student. He has a rather cynical side and makes a lot of snarky comments but he’s a good guy at heart, though a bit antisocial at times.
EleeshaEleesha Eleesha, 32, juggling with many different jobs like cashier or cleaner to make ends meet. Can’t help but sigh thinking of the work she’ll have to do after getting out. HassanHassan The son of Eleesha who doesn’t seem to speak at all. Since it’s difficult to know what he thinks, some people tend to treat him as a dumb child…which is a big mistake! DaveDave Dave, 47, director of a department team of the local public-service corporation. Even though he fancies himself as a nice guy, he can be so tactless he has troubles getting along with the other survivors.


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The team did a good job making a fully polished VN in just 72 hours! Good graphics, music, and plenty of quality writing!– Ludum Dare 32 Game Page

WbW-hintsTo get close to a character, you have to spend as much time with them as possible. If you ever pick another character to talk to, even if it’s just once, you will likely get Agathe’s ending, which is the normal ending.

The last choice will determine if you proceed on the path you were on or get the bad ending instead. Once you’ve seen all characters’ endings, the epilogue will unlock.




Writing / Project Leader: Helia
Art: Kinect, Laniessa, Orties
Programming: Keul
GUI: Xian
Proofreading: Heiden, Starmz
French translation: Meles, Mirr, Vael
Testing: Gough, Poppy
SFX: Freesound.org