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      • 2019 review & 2020 plans
        Happy Holidays to all! As we do every year, I’d like to take some time to look back on Träumendes Mädchen’s activities. If 2017 had been a living hell and 2018 an unexpected rebirth, what did 2019 have in store … Continue reading →
      • [Spotlight] Prince Genèse (D route)
        Last time I introduced prince Thalie and his cool cape, so let’s move on to the last candidate: Genèse! Minor spoilers ahead: the setting and characters of the route are revealed. Genèse is the prince of the D route and … Continue reading →
      • [Spotlight] Background Animations
        Last time we talked about dynamic shots, let’s backtrack a bit to bring up polishing in general…and background animations in particular! Most of you are probably very familiar with the standard visual novel presentation: there are sprites of characters on top … Continue reading →