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      • [Bonus Spotlight] Memory Fragments
        Surprise! I wouldn’t want to leave you without one last spotlight. As previously explained: In Chronotopia’s framing device, you incarnate a lost soul who visits Kionna’s world (the fairytales world) in the hope of finding memories of their past life. … Continue reading →
      • Chronotopia: Second Skin is now out!
        That’s it. After so many years, so much waiting, Chronotopia: Second Skin is now officially released on Steam and itchio! It feels so surreal, it’s hasn’t it me yet. I want to take some time to thank everyone who’s been with me … Continue reading →
      • [Spotlight] Lys, guardian of memories
        💜Reminder that the game releases tomorrow!💜 Let’s jump right where we left last time! I was explaining the whole concept behind the purgatory and now we’re finally tackling the cute but intriguing guardian of the place: Lys. Lys was originally a … Continue reading →