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Three weeks before a game jam named Nanoreno, a small visual novel team decides to enter to ensure their survival with a short project. The thing is : creation is not that easy ! Join them in their silly quest for inspiration and see for yourself.



HVNCML_helia(1)Helia Weird girl unable to write normally to her own utter despair. Has the nasty habit of wanting to do too much things at the same time, which makes her perpetually overwhelmed.
HVNCML_keulKeul Very talented in programming but very clumsy when communicating. He has difficulties to make himself understood and misses the point of any discussion. HVNCML_roganisRoganis An over the top self-taught musician. He never let go of his mandolin and acts very seriously but only when it comes to music. Likes weird eroges and worships the power of sukumizu.
HVNCML_morsyMorsy A bit of a tomboy, she’s way too mature for her age. Often talks about political stuffs with Helia who’s thinking of her as a spiritual little sister. HVNCML_melowMelow A very shy girl who spends her time apologizing. As a perfectionist, she can redraw illustrations on a whim. Likes glasses, maids and everythings that’s cute.
HVNCML_jeungoJeungo Slow-witted and disorganized personality, she’s buried under mountains of urgent work or forgets to go to meetings. Probably in an alternate dimension. HVNCML_ortiesOrties Hyperactive new recruit claiming to be a mushroom addict, she draws faster than her shadow. Often says a lot of nonsense, especially about wapitis for no reason.






Writing / Project Leader: Helia
Art: Eolyus, Jeungo, Melow, Orties
Music: Kimino, Roganis
Programming: Keul
GUI: Xian
Proofreading: Orfaen
English translation Suryce
SFX: Lokif from OpenGameArt.com


A nice read and a pretty honest insight in what it’s like to be in an ad-hoc team – Indiestatik