Videogames are now a part of our life: young or old, men or women, we all play them. So it’s the perfect way to convey a message or do a marketing operation, as proven by the emergence of Serious Games (be it edutainment, political games or advergames).

Visual novel are a sort of videogames mainly based on the narration of a story with minimal gameplay, even if they can include some element from adventures game (puzzle, point & click) that overall come from the same family. As any good book or videogame would, their goal is to entertain the readers by telling them a story. Their length may vary and they can include choices leading to different endings, which urge the reader to wanting more and discovering all the variations.

In that regard, visual novel are a media that is really taking the use of narrative further. That’s why we think it’s the perfect tool to apply storytelling as a marketing technique since a good story can have great impact on the audience targeted.




A heartwarming yuri visual novel about a fresh student struggling with the day to day challenges of life.

Date of completion: Summer 2020
Contribution: Directing
Link: Steam page

First Snow 001 First Snow 004 First Snow 006

Mizuchi logo

A fantasy romance visual novel that serves as a yuri retelling of the Legend of the White Serpent.

Date of completion: Spring 2020
Contribution: Directing
Link: Steam page

pythonw 2020-04-07 21-03-22-78 pythonw 2020-04-07 21-07-04-75 pythonw 2020-04-07 21-11-39-61


EoA logo

A tragic visual novel loosely based on the life (and death) of Marie Antoinette.

Date of completion: Winter 2019
Contribution: Directing
Link: Steam page

The_End_of_an_Actress 2020-04-07 21-18-39-95 The_End_of_an_Actress 2020-04-07 21-19-37-11 The_End_of_an_Actress 2020-04-07 21-22-36-01


Dizzy Hearts logo-medium

An erotic visual novel about a young traveler from a land of eternal day who ventures into a land of eternal night.

Date of completion: Throughout 2019 (Chapter 1)
Contribution: Programming & Directing
Link: Steam page

pythonw 2019-12-14 21-14-09-81 DizzyHearts 2019-08-11 13-55-03-15 DizzyHearts 2019-08-11 14-06-27-14


National Park Girls logo

An episodic visual novel about a ranger who meets three spritely girls who claim to represent the National Parks.

Date of completion: Autumn 2019
Contribution: Removed the 3D camera  from Episode 1 (detailed explanation here)
Link: Steam page

pythonw 2019-12-14 21-17-08-95 pythonw 2019-12-14 21-18-23-20 pythonw 2019-12-14 21-18-34-65


An erotic visual novel set in a fantasy world inhabited by monster girls to seduce.

Date of completion: Spring & Autumn 2017
Contribution: Programming (except for gameplay segments) & Directing
Link: Steam page

Mutiny main menu pythonw 2017-04-02 22-24-39-09 pythonw 2017-04-02 22-34-50-15


Parasol Festival logo-medium
A yuri visual novel entirely made in watercolor about two merchants girls in a fantasy world.

Date of completion: Summer 2016 (game not available yet)
Contribution: Scripting/directing of the Maturity and Caravan paths
Links: Lemmasoft thread & Artist Portfolio

pythonw 2016-08-24 13-49-58-35 pythonw 2016-08-24 13-50-47-42 pythonw 2016-08-24 13-52-46-58


Short visual novel about the possible evolutions of labour.

Date of completion: May 2016
Contribution: Ren’Py programming
Link: Itchio page (only available in French)


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